Our fun series toys are completely handmade by our factory in Germany. It inherits and follows the traditional handcraft of Germany and introduces the concept of "fun".

We use playful color design to attract children, but also to better promote their own healthy exercise. Each of our products has its own unique shape and nickname, which can better interact with children and become a good friend of every child. We promise that our wooden toys will follow the EU EN71 (Part 1-3) on the basis of traditional technology, and use wood and leather of German origin.


  • Origin Germany
  • Traditional handicraft
  • Solid wood production
  • Playful colors


  • Material: beech
  • Length, width and height: 630mm * 210mm * 430mm
  • Minimal Weight: 3710G
  • Used for 18-48 months old infants who can walk independently, with a load of 33kg
  • Length, width and height: 750mm * 275mm * 490mm
  • Maximal Weight: 5630G


Our baby products are modern, full of Dutch design and ingenuity. We are there at the very first moment when you put your newborn in the bed or stroller and go for a walk in the city. Or when you go for the first drive. Feeling protected, safe and natural.

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