Coin Bank

Our fun series toys are completely handmade by our factory in Germany. It inherits and follows the traditional handcraft of Germany and introduces the concept of "fun".

We've been thinking about bringing game and savings together. The result is our unique savings boxes made of polished oak wood, in the form of lovingly designed animals and with an original coin toss trick. You are the ideal companion in every children's room. And play every game. Our partisans from ei are looking for a new home. Do you have any room in your room? They like to eat coins and sometimes even notes. And if you're always feeding them hard, you can eventually empty your tummy again and fulfill a greater wish, so long as the splitting takes good care of it. Original oak box, natural, painted and polished. Our savings cans are made by hand, lovingly, for small and large. This is how saving is fun!


  • Made in Germany
  • Solid wood production
  • Playful colors
  • Traditional handicraft
  • Moving Parts
  • Moving parts


  • Material: Bleach
  • It is used for infants aged 18-48 months and can walk independently. Not suitable for sharp or uneven ground
  • Length, width and height: 205mm * 120mm * 200mm
  • Weight: 520G


Our baby products are modern, full of Dutch design and ingenuity. We are there at the very first moment when you put your newborn in the bed or stroller and go for a walk in the city. Or when you go for the first drive. Feeling protected, safe and natural.

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